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July 26, 2021

Estimating the drag coefficient from experimental data

Being able to simulate a run before actually getting to the race location allows estimating the potential of a bike.


May 12, 2021

FEM analysis – Policumbent’s Team

FEM analysis is the acronym for Finite Element Method


March 25, 2021

The new Policumbent's website

In the recent years web development technologies are advanced. Therefore, we took this time off period caused by the pandemic to update our website.


April 5, 2020

2020 here

This new year is going to be full of initiatives, improvements and lots of work for us to do. To start off our news: we have a new project named Handbike.


May 31, 2019

Here is Vittoria and Serena

This year a girl will be running for our Team. We have two candidates to beat the record of 121.81 km/h: Serena Corona and Vittoria Spada.


April 8, 2019

Fighting the rolling resistance

Analysing the factors that influence Taurus’ performance, we can’t forget to mention the contact points between the bike and the asphalt: the tires.


March 11, 2019

Predict the future with a Matlab algorithm

Data Analys elaborates all the data in order to provide useful information about the performances achieved by the bicycle or by the rider himself.


January 25, 2019

Taurus’s transmission: features and upgrades

​The transmission has to be studied carefully in order to waste as little watts as possible because of friction losses.


February 5, 2018

A blast of wind for Taurus

Air drag is a silent but effective enemy and TAURUS knows how to deal with it.